Leadership at the Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center has been getting a lot of questions related to the new clinic.  So we’ve been thinking of ways to keep the community updated on the progress and respond to questions in a real-time way.  Hopefully this blog does the trick!  First, we will answer some frequently asked questions:

What will be the size of the new clinic?

The approximate size of the new clinic is 60K square feet.  To give you some perspective, the current clinic is approximately 21K square feet.  Due to growth in the past five years, we have staff in four other buildings, which makes our total footprint about 33K square feet.

Today we simply do not have any more space for new employees, much less for growth of services.  Working with demographers (a fancy title for people who study population growth), we feel the 60K square feet will bring us all back under one roof and allow for growth.

Where will the new clinic be located?

This question took more than a year to answer!  The Health Commission (Yellowhawk’s governing body) and the CTUIR Board of Trustees agreed that the new clinic will be built on a piece of ground just west of the Nixyaawii Governance Center.  The property is referred to as the ‘Bowman property’ shown here:

Bowman Property

Bowman Property








How will I get to my appointments? I can currently walk to the clinic.

We’ve heard this question from the community members who currently live close to Yellowhawk.  We’re working with CTUIR to ensure that there is adequate transportation to and from the clinic and housing.  The plans are not yet final.

When will the clinic open?

Our construction schedule identifies late summer of 2017 for the opening.  We expect to break ground in the Spring of 2016.

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