In order to receive care at Yellowhawk, please call us to determine eligibility.  Eligibility forms may be downloaded below.

Thank you for choosing Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center!
We have prepared this Patient Handbook to help you understand how managed care services are offered through Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center. We hope it will answer many of your questions about your benefits, eligibility, and the various requirements associated with access to the Managed Care Program.

Yellowhawk is mandated by Federal Regulation. Click here to learn more regarding eligibility for services. The Federal regulations determine eligibility. The Eligibility Coordinators can also be contacted at 541.278.7509 or 541.278.7589  with any additional questions or concerns.

Not sure when to see a doctor?  Please take the time to look at our quick guide. 

Completing these forms in advance can save you time at your next appointment:

Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Health Information

Yellowhwk Patient Update Form

Yellowhawk Patient Physical Examination Form

Consent To Treat A Minor

PAO21 Form must be kept on file and current

Other Necessary Documentation:
Proof of Native descent or Certificate of Indian blood (CIB)
Copy of Birth Certificate
Social Security Card
Proof of Residency

All PDF downloads (handbook and forms) are also available for pick-up at Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center


Our invaluable team of Patient Care Coordinators are here to help!  From left to right:  Jackie Thompson, Cassie Hall, Alicia Rosales, Marilyn Colcord, Esther Huesties, and Lisa Fusselman.  Call them today at 541.966.9830

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    Our Tribal community achieves optimal health through a culture of wellness.

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    It is our mission to empower our Tribal community with opportunities to learn and experience healthy lifestyles.
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