Diagnosing and managing diabetes is a priority for our community because it is a very common and misunderstood disease.  It is possible to prevent the onset of diabetes and/or stabilize it, regardless of family history.  It is also realistic to manage diabetes via a healthy lifestyle.

The   Diabetes Program team understands that everyone faces competing life priorities that can make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We provides guidance in forming a support system, keeping up with annual exams and blood work, and making healthy choices.

Diabetes typically goes unnoticed for five to eight years before being diagnosed because it often progresses silently and without symptoms for a lengthy period of time.   The goal is to teach our community about risk factors and prevent the disease from taking over people’s lives.  Untreated diabetes may lead to problems such as infections and injuries that will not heal, heart attacks, stroke, blindness, limb loss, and kidney failure.

“Diabetes is a 24/7 disease that can be prevented or managed by eating healthy foods in moderate portions and getting adequate exercise,” Program Manager Teresa Jones says.  “Medicines are a third choice for long-term treatment because they are Band-Aids rather than solutions.”

One-on-one counseling and group classes are recommended.  Group classes are recommended because they provide a necessary support system for those who choose to manage their disease rather than be controlled by it.   Often this support system is not available elsewhere.

We also help those with diabetes or at risk of diabetes connect with other onsite resources: dental, fitness training, life coaching, podiatry, nutrition, gardener, lab/x-ray, eye exams, and mental health counselors who can help provide tools to cope with chronic disease.

Yellowhawk also offers a gym, walking trails and an array of wellness and fitness programs to its community. Also be sure to check out Lifestyle Coaching and Physical Fitness Training to learn more about tailored fitness plans.
To learn more about the diabetes program, please call (541) 278-7515.

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