Newsletter 3 - Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center
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It can be challenging to get some movement, mindfulness or keep your healthy eating on track during this stay home order.

Here are a few suggestions from our Community Wellness staff that might make your day a little easier:

Insight Timer

+ Download the free app on your device or visit to get free meditation, relieve stress and anxiety or help yourself go to sleep.


Yoga with Adriene

+ Free yoga classes for all levels. You can pick yoga workouts for your intent for the day, target areas of the body, or choose fat loss or relaxation.


My Fitness Pal

+ You can log your food intake, get recipes, exercise motivation and more.



+ An app that helps you keep track of your cravings and motivates you to quit smoking. You can find this app in the app store for your device.


+ Free, body weight workouts and challenges you can do at home.


The Fitness Marshall

+ Have a dance party in your living room. Follow the Fitness Marshall on YouTube for a complete cardio workout. They also have a kid friendly playlist.


To keep yourself on track with your movement, mindfulness, and healthy eating goals it is helpful to stay on a schedule. Wake up, eat, exercise, and go to sleep around the same time every day.


Remember, you can also get outside for a walk, gardening, or other activities as long as you are able to do so while maintaining 6 feet of space between yourself and anyone who does not live in your household. Stay healthy!

Clinic Updates

Image of Yellowhawk Building

New Policies and Procedures: COVID-19


To reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections for our patients and staff there have been a few new changes to Yellowhawk policies and procedures that everyone should know about.


+ Face coverings are required for all patients and staff who enter the building.

+ Visitors and guests are not allowed with patients or staff except in the following circumstances: Disabled patients may have one attendant. Minor patients, 15 years and younger, must have one parent or legal guardian with them.


We have made these changes to help reduce the risk of infection to the community. These changes have been instituted based on the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for COVID-19.


Remember, the safest place for everyone right now is at home. Stay safe!

You can see up-to-date testing information for Yellowhawk on our website