Project ILAUNCH - Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center
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Yellowhawk Indigenous Project LAUNCH  ~ Indigenous Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children’s Health

Project ILAUNCH is a program within our Yellowhawk’s Public Health Department which serves as the link between patients, families and medical providers to create a community of wellness. Through health promotion, education and community health representatives we strive to introduce healthy lifestyle choices for all age groups.

Project ILAUNCH is designed to promote the wellness of Tribal children from prenatal care to age eight, by addressing the behavioral, cognitive, emotional, physical and social aspects of their development.


Our long-term goals for Project ILAUNCH

    • Ensure that all children enter school ready to learn and able to succeed with a stable support system supporting them.
    • Improve coordination across child-serving system and increase access to high-quality prevention and wellness promotion services for children and their families.
    • A Home Visiting team uses the Family Spirit curriculum for prenatal through age three. After age three, we utilized Triple P Parenting Program for children aged four to eight.


The ILAUNCH team partners with the Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center OBGYN staff to support the family each step of the way to building a strong family.


Project ILAUNCH accepts referrals from inside Yellowhawk, as well as outside agencies. Referral form.

Strategic Plan Goals:

  1. Family Strengthening ~ ILAUNCH will promote cultural and family strength through supporting a variety of activities to strengthen connection to culture, family and community.
  2. Enhanced Home Visiting ~ Expand and enhance the home visiting program with particular attention on increasing the focus of promoting healthy social and emotional development.
  3. Infant and early childhood mental health consultation ~ ILAUNCH will increase awareness of early childhood metal health and young child wellness needs and will assist childcare and educational settings in providing optimal learning environments for young children that leads to positive development, with increased focus on social and emotional wellness.
  4. Integration of behavioral health into primary care settings ~ Boost integration of physical and behavioral health practices to improve access to care for children prenatally through eight years old, and their entire family.

Project ILAUNCH Staff

Nicole Whiskeyjack | Community Coordinator & Home Visitor
Office: 541.240.8440 | Cell 541.371.7195

HOURS: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 7:30 am to 4 pm
Tuesday 12:30 to 4 pm