Yellowhawk sponsors a variety of programs aimed at youth wellness.  Read below about our Lacrosse team Xa’lish and after school programs.

Lacrosse (“The Creator’s Game”)

We play Lacrosse for fun, for wellness, for healing, to give thanks, and to honor certain individuals. Our team name is Xa’lish, and we occasionally compete with other teams outside reservation.

Although this program was started for youths, it is common for adults to join in the games, too. No experience is necessary to play with Xa’lish, and it is common to see community members of all ages (from kindergarten through adult) playing together.

Depending on the time of year, practices are held before and/or after school. After morning practices, kids are given a snack and a ride to school if needed.

“Lacrosse connects us as community. People tell me all the time it makes them feel good to drive by and see us out there playing,” Robby says. It is a place for kids–and adults–to be themselves and have fun. You don’t have to be a gifted athlete to enjoy it.”

After-school program

Most days after school, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., community youth are welcomed at Yellowhawk’s Community Health building for fun and games.   Activities include dodge ball, wiffle ball, kickball, keep away, board games, and any other healthy activity the kids show an interest in doing.    The point is to simply provide a place for everyone to be themselves and have fun.  A snack is provided.

(The group does not meet on Fridays in the winter.  Other schedule changes may apply).
For more information about either of this programs, please contact Robby Bill at or (541) 215-1969.   All youths must have a liability release form signed by a parent or guardian.   The form may be downloaded here.

Clifford Stanger and Robby Bill

Clifford Stanger and Robby Bill

Coach Robby Bill, 3/16

Coach Robby Bill, 3/16


Children at Play with Coach Lindsey Watchman in back ground

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