The Connections App - Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center
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The Connections App

Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center is offering patients the opportunity to use the Connections App as part of their recovery from substance use. For further details talk with your counselor.

The Connections App supports every step of the recovery journey

With real connections you can:


+ Stay in touch with your care team and peers to avoid isolation


+ Check motivations for recovery so you know where you stand and can reach out for help as necessary


+ Receive reminders for appointments and medications to stay on schedule


+ Have an easy way to track goals and keep a journal right on your phone!


+ Reach out for urgent help with one click


+ Have direct access to supportive audio and video content


+ Give your counselor updates automatically

To Get Started

+ Your provider will send you a text message form 585.318.8713 with a link to down load the Connections App


+ Download the Connections App (make sure you allow permissions)


+ Tap on “I’m New to Connections” then, “I have an Access Key”


+ Enter your phone number, your date of birth, and the Access Key you received in the text link


+ Create a username and password


+ Follow the setup steps and You’re In!


Ask your counselor for information on where to get the Connections App at no cost to you!

In no time, the Connections App becomes a regular part of your day as you…


+ Send messages to congratulate a friend on continuing to stay sober


+ Request an appointment with your counselor


+ Record private goals or journal


+ Lend a hand to others who feel challenged


+ Listen to music that gives you peace


+ Assign an alias so that your identity is protected


+ Track your recovery progress