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Completed Tests: 681

Negative Tests: 648

Positive Tests: 33


Cofirmed: 33

Presumptive: 0

Total Cases: 33

Test results represent tests performed at Yellowhawk only.

Information will be updated by 12:00 noon Mon-Fri.

Yellowhawk will be closed for Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, August 7th.


We focus on prevention and wellness for all of our people, from unborn children to elders.

Our Tribal Community achieves optimal health through a culture of wellness.

Know Your Eligibility

Determine whether you are eligible to receive services at Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center. Our patients are categorized into two levels of eligibility: Purchased Referred Care (PRC) or Direct Care Only (DCO).

Upcoming Events

Yellowhawk strives to introduce healthy lifestyle choices. Check out all of our events and activities.


We offer excellent career opportunities for those who are interested in making a difference.

It is our mission to empower our Tribal Community with opportunities to learn and experience healthy lifestyles.

Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center Aims For Net-Zero Energy Use

Yellowhawk is the first tribal building in the state to enroll in Path to Net-Zero from Energy Trust of Oregon,
which offers incentives and resources to projects pursuing net-zero energy use.