The CTUIR Tribal Health Commission, Yellowhawk’s governing body, is comprised of local community members as well as one CTUIR Board of Trustees representative.   The Board of Trustees created the commission to oversee the provision of adequate health care and provide policy oversight for all programs involving the Federal Government.  The commission creates all rules and regulations (subject to Board of Trustees’ approval) and works closely with the Executive Management Team to develop strategy at the beginning of each year.

If you are interested in continuing your education in a health related field, and are a CTUIR Member, we welcome you to apply for a CTUIR Tribal Health Commission Scholarship. Scholarships for 2018 have been awarded and new applications will be available for the 2019 academic year.




  • Our Vision

    Our Tribal community achieves optimal health through a culture of wellness.

    Our Mission

    It is our mission to empower our Tribal community with opportunities to learn and experience healthy lifestyles.
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