Newsletter 7 - Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center
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Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center is beginning Phase One of reopening. To keep yourself, our community, and Yellowhawk staff safe we ask that you observe the following policies and practices when visiting the clinic:


+ If you have a fever or cough and do not need immediate medical care reschedule your appointment.
+ If you have a fever or cough and do need immediate medical care call your provider first.
+ Wear a face covering to the clinic (if you do not have one Yellowhawk will provide one for you).
+ After your screening please stop by the eligibility coordinators to update your patient information.
+ After your screeing please stop by the eligibility coordinators to obtain your ticket to ensure check-in for your appointment.
+ Observe social distancing while in the clinic.
+ Do not bring anyone with you unless you need assistance. Children can have one adult/guardian and an elder can have one caregiver.


You are part of what keeps this community healthy. Thank you.

Patient Resources


Please call 541.240.8695 to make an appointment. Telehealth available when indicated.


The following groups will be meeting in person:
+ DUII GROUP: Mondays 4:00-5:30pm
+ Anger Management: Tuesdays 2:00-3:00pm
+ Relapse Prevention: Wednesdays 3:00-4:00pm
+ Seeking Safety: Thursdays 2:30-3:50pm
+ CD Education: Fridays 9:00-10:00am
+ Connections: Fridays 9:00-10:00am



Dental is open for limited appointments, based on the procedure. Please call 541.240.8698 to make an appointment.
Patients should call ahead for an emergency walk-in appointments.



Will be open on Fridays and patients will be contacted for appointments. If you need an appointment leave a message at 541.240.8565 and your call will be returned as soon as possible.



Podiatry will also resume limited routine visits as of Thursday, May 28th.


Will be seeing a limited number of routine visits as of Monday, May 18th on the usual provider rotation schedule. Please call for an appointment.


+ Sieders: Monday-Thursday call Mikhy 541.240.8639
+ Thurman: Monday-Thursday call Alicia 541.240.8637
+ Winde: Wednesday-Friday call LaShay 541.240.8655


We will reassess our scheduling with the completion of each Surveillance Study clinic to determine prevalence of COVID-19 in the community.



+ Senior Meal Delivery will now be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The Center will remain closed for congregate meals. Questions? Call 541.240.8700
+ Weekly elder calls
+ Medical transportation & Medication deliveries
+ Nutrition visits call 541.240.8524
+ WIC visits by phone 541-240-8521,text: 541.215.2163
+ Home visits for medically necessary visits such as injections and wound care
+ Community Garden Volunteers Tuesday & Thursday 1:00-3:30pm


Contact the Community Wellness Department at 541.240.8697.

For the latest information on COVID-19 testing at Yellowhawk see our website at