Newsletter 9 - Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center
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Building a New Future: Sober Transitional Housing

Renovations have begun on Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center’s new Sober Transitional Housing. We would like to share a bit more information about the program:


+ The program lasts up to one year. Length of stay is determined in consultation with a participant’s counselor.


+ Housing is provided for 6 males and 6 females, in separate male and female homes.


+ The housing is a standard home with a kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms.


+ There is 24 hour peer support for participants.

+ All participants will be involved in Yellowhawk’s Behaviorial Health outpatient services.


+ The model for treatment is a peer support model with CADC Counselors and CRM (Certified Recovery Mentors). Primarily MI and CBT therapies will  be used in conjunction with contingency management for motivation. Culturally grounded practices will be encouraged along with the community based AA and NA groups.


+ Participants will be involved in full time work, or full time education programs or a combination of both.


+ This is a drug and alcohol-free facility.


Stay tuned for further updates on the program and opening date.

Patient Resources

Sober Transitional Housing

How Can Sober Transitional Housing Help?


In the earliest days of sobriety it can be challenging when transitioning from the rehabilitation environment back to regular life. This is especially true after spending an extended period of time in a residential program, where the structure and constant support act as protective factors against relapse. Once the program is done, the individual is exposed to triggers or situations that can undermine their sobriety. This is where Yellowhawk’s Sober Transitional Housing (STH) can help.


The program at STH includes holistic wrap-around services. One aspect of that is working with a counselor through a Substance Abuse Treatment Assessment which includes discussing an individual’s drinking or drug use, a person’s physical health, and other issues in a person’s life. This holistic approach to treatment will allow the counselor to develop a plan that acknowledges and supports multiple aspects of the individual’s life experiences, background, and needs during their continued recovery.


Yellowhawk’s Sober Transitional Housing is here to help support participants during the recovery process.

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