COVID-19 INFORMATION - Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center
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Comparing the cold, flu, allergies and COVID-19


COVID-19 Treatment Options


Your Primary Care Provider (PCP) might recommend over the counter medications or at home therapies to relieve symptoms such as:

    • Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen to reduce fever.
    • Drinking water or clear non-caffeinated fluids to stay hydrated.
    • Get plenty of rest to help the body fight the virus.


For persons at high risk of disease progression of COVID-19, your PCP may recommend that you receive additional treatment, like a Monoclonal antibodies, (mAbs) treatment. Your Primary Care Provider will decide which, if any, treatment is appropriate to treat your illness. The mAb treatment does not replace the need for the immunity from the vaccine but it can help you if you are at high-risk for developing serious COVID-19. Please note some treatments are not effective against the Omicron variant which is now prevalent in the U.S.


To be assessed for further treatment after testing positive for COVID-19, please call your PCP and ask about your specific options. Infusion therapy is referred to St. Anthony’s emergency department for administration with the recommendation from your PCP. Due to high demand and low supply, oral anti-viral treatments are limited but may be available through the coming weeks. The Yellowhawk Public Health team is collaborating with our Medical team, please contact your PCP for further questions.


Due to limited supplies and high demands of treatments, precautions are still our best option for fighting illness. Vaccination, washing hands, wearing a proper mask and social distancing are still critical.


Read more about treatment here.


Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center is giving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to all Yellowhawk eligible individuals ages 6 months+.

Click here for Vaccine information.



To keep yourself, our community, and Yellowhawk staff safe, post-pandemic, we ask that you observe the following policies and practices when visiting the clinic:

+ If you have a fever or cough please wear a mask to your appointment.
+ If you have a fever or cough please keep your distance from other patients.
+ Stop by the eligibility coordinators to update your patient information.
+ Do not bring anyone with you unless you need assistance. Children can have one adult or guardian and an elder can have one caregiver.


You are part of what keeps this community healthy.